Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank you BI-LO for your type-O…

Thank you BI-LO for your type-O…

What a fun and amazing time Mel and I had tonight saving money….
BI-Lo made a type-o and had to honor their mistake of having to double coupons up to .99 cents…
Mel happened to catch this mistake.. (great eye Mel)… and boy did we cash in!

My Couponing tonight… $186.00 Worth of groceries, spent $65.95 and SAVED $$$$$$ 120.78 !!!

Watch those papers!… have your coupons ready!… and watch how people look at you pushing your buggy around with ‎28 rice/pasta, 2 instant potatoes, 2-12pk Diet cheerwine, 1 gallon tea, 24 large Ragu pasta sauce, 2 boxes cereal, 6 banquet meals, 4 Hormel meals, 2 pkgs ballpark hotdogs, 1 butterball smoked sausage, 2-Tabasco Sause,Franks Chili Sauce…

But most of all pay attention to the woman or man behind you that I am sure was huffing and puffing under their breath because they are behind not one but TWO coupon freaks.. (yes we used the same register..) .. But glance over and look at their face when they see what you had to pay at the end.. … aahhh its priceless! You walk out of that store with a huge smile and a since of satisfaction that WE did not pay full price for anything!!!!
I got 75 items and paid what???.. .88 cents per item if you average it out..??!


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