Wednesday, June 15, 2011

School and Couponing do not mix...

For those that know me know that I am currently attending school and school and couponing are difficult to do at the same time. I am finding myself neglecting my homework to check out where the next big deal is. So I have a plan. 1 hour of homework FIRST then I can spend time checking out the deals. Thank goodness I have next week until the 28th off then I start my next class. Did I mention that after this class is over, I will have my associates degree.... GO ME....  I am working on a deal at Target. For those that picked up the BOGO coupon for Suave lotion, you can stack that with the 75 cents off 1 Target coupon and a mfr coupon. Also, there are Caress body wash mfr coupons for 75 cents off and a Target coupon for a $1 off.

Good Luck and Happy Coupon,

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