Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A little humor from our June 14th. Bi-Lo trip

Mel and I are standing in isle four of the store.. Mel is a little bit ahead of me looking at mustard.. When all of a sudden I hear her yell… “MONEY MAKERRRR!”… when I look over at her she is holding up this bottle of mustard as if it was a shinny golden trophy for crossing first through a race finish line.. ! Funny thing is it didn’t even phase me that she had yelled this out pretty loud and standing there holding up that bottle of mustard, I was excited too!… at that moment I realized we both had crossed over into our own personal coupon insanity. !!!!!

It feels great to be the kind of crazy that will not put you in a straight jacket.. Well it might if someone had tried to grabbed those 2 bottles of trophy mustards from her.. There might have been a Jerry Springer fight in isle four!

Oh how I love our new money making hobby!

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